Thursday, May 19

We're Celebrating Summer Early

I still remember the hard blue pool with the molded slide sitting in our back yard in Memphis. It was always hot there and humid and sticky and wonderful. 

I have had a rough couple of days with the girlies, mostly me just not being content and making the girls miserable right along with me. I am really good at taking the girls on my mood swings. I think most mommies are, unfortunately.

This morning, I was surprised with a little phone call from the mister. Those are somewhat rare, so they usually give me quite a boost! Riding yet another emotional wave after that little chat, I decided to make  a new start with the girls. I went ahead and stuck my nose up at the forecast for the next couple of days, and pumped up the pool! What a blast! 

Woohoo for the first pool day of summer!


  1. Heidi JohnsMay 20, 2011

    Hi Lydia, I just wanted to let you know that I really have enjoyed your blog! Your girls are beautiful! I'm not sure why but I always had this romantic notion of moving to Washington when I was growing up. Probably after watching Sleepless in Seattle or something :)

  2. Heidi! That is too funny! I always felt that way about Seattle, too! Also from watching Hanks and Ryan do they're usual Romcom thing sooo well. It is a pretty incredible place to live, truly! We love the mountains, the mild temps, and the casual, loving people.

  3. Looks like a lovely and fun day! So glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine. Sorry for your rough days. Yes, our young ones tend to sense when we are struggling and have their own struggles right along with us...(sigh) human we are but that's why His grace is amazing!