Wednesday, May 11

Lily's Room

When we first walked through our home, it was apparent it would need a ton of work. Between the all-cream interior, the 70's shag carpet with horsehair carpet pads (yes, they did exist), and the funky 3-years-vacant smell, it took vision to see what this home could be. Lily's room was one of the first rooms we attacked with vigor. 

Immediately, I loved the built-in shelving and the beautiful crown molding. The green carpet and dingy walls were the first projects the mister and I worked on. Some church ladies came over and did some major painting, which sped the process up considerably (Yay for the glorious church body, our family). 


I didn't take many before photos, unfortunately, so this is the only one of Lily's room. The corner where the carpet is pulled up, is the the first place we unearthed the beautiful hardwood floors beneath the disgusting carpet. This discovery lead to further investigation throughout the rest of the house. We were not disappointed. The whole house has lovely hardwood floors, that we were able to refinish before moving in. 


I had knew I loved the room, itself, but was unsure about what colors to go with. I happened to have some leftover patterned scrapbook paper that I absolutely adored. This little piece of paper helped me pick out the colors for the walls and the shelves. Since working on this room, I have used this little trick several times. Starting with a pattern you love, use that one scrap for the basis of the color scheme for a whole room. 

We actually found that groovy paper lantern hanging in the jacuzzi room that later became part of my mom's apartment. My mom hated it, so I, of course, loved it! 

I picked this little red table up at Ikea for 5 bucks on our last trip down there! Lily and Addie use it all the time. Perfect for coloring or playing with their beads. The little alphabet chart above the table actually has mini hand-sewn items inside each pouch. Like an alphabet advent calendar! Thanks for that little charmer, Arika!

Happy Grinning!


  1. Did it reappear or did you have to type it out again?

    Oh and I can't believe that you got that table for $5!

  2. It did Reappeare! Hooray!
    I was glad, I didnt want to repost.

  3. Whoa, that dresser is cool. Bet that would look great in a bonfire!