Saturday, April 30

Trip to Pike's Place!

When the alarm went off this morning (and by alarm, I mean my eldest coming into my room and tapping on my nose), I thought I had slept in. Looking at the clock I read that 8:30 had come and gone. Rising slowly, I began my usual morning routines. Getting the youngest up, and marching them off to the kitchen for some stovetop oatmeal. Looking at the kitchen clock, with my glasses now firmly in their place, I saw that I had been mistaken. Or rather my eldest was mistaken. One of us was certainly mistaken. It was only 7a.m. Come on! On a Saturday! Are you kidding me! Not that Saturday means much for those domestic mommies, but 7? Seriously.

We had planned on leaving the house at 9:30, and after packing, cramming, finding bear-bears, going potty again, and again, we settled into the car and check the clock as we pulled out the driveway. 9:30 on the dot. Didn't love getting up early, loved being on the road on time. Woot!

We made it down to Pike's Place right as everything was starting to buzz. A beautiful day for a walk in Seattle. 

My sister-in-law, Heather is here for the weekend to attend mom's play. We had a great time. We tasted some hot fresh donuts, and saw some cheese being made. Addie loved the clowns making balloons. Lily loved playing tag with some other children on the lawn. A perfect morning!

I want to go back again and see some other sights. Since I don't know Seattle very well, I tend to stick with the handful of joints I really feel comfortable finding. But, I know Seattle is chocked full of great eats and fun places to visit. Do you guys have any favorites? I would love to hear of any kid friendly spots down there to explore!


  1. Green Lake is awesome! Also, if you ever really get into running, there is a fantabulious running store. RED MILL BURGERS is right around there as well. This summer when Steve returns, you guys should take a "Staycation" and visit all of the touristy attractions around here.

  2. Green Lake! I have heard so much about it and never been there! You take me for a tour sometime! That would be awesome!

  3. you are a really good photog. and I love you.

  4. Thanks, mister. You are an AMAZING photog yourself. and I love you.

  5. Addie looks like she is paralyzed in fear of psycho balloon man in pic 2.

    In pic 3 she's wondering if he will melt with water, but how will she get it to him?

    blah blah happy people smiling not paying attention to Addies plight.

    Pic 6, aaah a black death balloon club, perrrfect.