Sunday, April 3

Things the Mister Built

So, there are many things that remind me of my Mister. Every time I put gas in the car, I think of him. Before his deployment I may have done this twice in our married life. I think of him when I chop up a whole onion and toss it in the soup pot, since he is "allergic" (ahem) to onions and mushrooms (not really, he pretends he is allergic and tells people he brakes out in GAGS. Oops, your secret is out, babe!). I think of him when I watch yet another chick flick and realize I haven't seen anything blown up on TV in about six months! 

Many times, just little things around the house make me smile as I am reminded of him. There are so many touches of his brilliant personality sprinkling our home. Here are some of my favorite examples:


The mister and his good buddy, Drew, designed and built this together. Both these guys are crazy talented and full of artistic abilities (both of the wives of these guys are very proud). We have it in our back yard now, and my girlies love playing in it. It has a nice little carpeted loft and ladder inside for a little get away (especially for Lily, since little sis isn't allowed to climb up yet).


This little wonder has a funny story behind it. The whole fam was sitting at the dinner table, finishing supper, when the mister turns to me, very dramatically, and says, "Can you give me half on hour without the girls to go work on something." That was it. That was all he said. A half hour later he was wheeling this bad boy into my living room and rearranging all our furniture. He made me leave the room while he set it up, so I could be surprised. I love it, of course, and the girls love it, too! Genius!


This was my birthday present last year (when I turned 29, for the first time!), and it love it to pieces! The wood came from a beam we had to replace in our carport. It is perfectly smooth, and it totally jives with my love of mid century furniture. Oooo...stripy cool! Best birthday gift, ever!

There are many other Mister Projects around the house. His creativity is inspiring to me. I am always enthralled with how our Lord brings people together for a perfect fit. I can't imagine being married to anyone else. The mister makes me smile everyday, even when he is on the other side of the world. 
Woohoo! Hurry, Hurry Hurry Home!


  1. We should paint the cubhouse a different color. What do you think about staining the coffee table, doing every other board darker? I dislike that vent location very much. We should make a flush one that is camoflauged with the flooring. You should frame addie's Xray.

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  3. I love the idea of staining each plank a little darker on the coffee table. That would look amazing! And, yes, I would be ok with painting the cubhouse (as I said after the first time we painted it, ahem), but I am not sure what color...maybe keep it in the blue family, but more of a seaside blue? And the vent is fine! The bench isn't even over there, anymore. Me thinks you were getting a bit nit-picky, there, mister. But, I love you all the same.