Monday, April 11

Planning the Big 4 Party

Who doesn't love cake? Correct me if I am wrong, mister, but I believe you would prefer cake after ever meal. I am not one to point any fingers. I too, like to delve into the happy world of cake consumption. So, it shouldn't be too surprising, that the eldest's B-day is still a month away, and I have been planning it in my head for about three months now. I mean, if you are going to have cake, HAVE CAKE, and do it well.

Already formulating a pile of inspiring photos, I pulled them out to show said birthday girl what I thought her party might look like. Her response to most of the ideas were, "That is really nice. That would be great for your birthday party, momma."  Turns out, she wants a ROSE party. I said, a wah? "A ROSE PARTY, momma." I see. Well, I am now on a mission to meld her rose theme with some of my favorite party ideas listed below.

I really like the simplicity of this streamer with little bows, so maybe tie them with red and pink ribbons? That's rosey, kinda, sorta. 

Here is another alternative to standard streamers. These would be simple to whip together, as long as you have a die cut (What's that? Grandma, the kindergarten teacher, has access to a flower die cutter? Lovely.)

I already have these fun vintage milk glasses the mister pick up at a yard sale last summer. I love the little flags for name tags on the straws. Just perfect! since the girl doesn't love milk, these would probably be filled with strawberry lemonade. YUM!

So nothing overtly relevant about this rainy day party, but who wouldn't want to have a little cloud cupcake with a marshmallow on a stick? Maybe for my birthday, right Lily? 

This is for sure going to make an appearance. I think a little decorating station with some chocolate sauce and some sprinkles for dipping would be rather appropriate. 

It is strange; this is the first party for either girls where the child has actually had input in the planning. Amazing the difference a year makes. Her little likes and dislikes taking shape. She seems much older than three to me. 

 I can imagine as the years go on, this could get crazy. I never had a birthday party until I was in college. It wasn't something we did. Oh, there was cake and presents, but no parties. I think that is why I enjoy it so much now. It is fun planning and putting it all together. 

What about you guys? Have any of your kiddos made some pretty specific party theme requests? Or do you just plan it yourself and let it be a nice surprise?


  1. Love the ideas! Oh how I'd like to plan a girlie party! It's all sports theme and trucks over here. We just went to a 3-yr old's Dora party and I asked Camden what he liked about the party that maybe he would like to do at his party. "I want cake." Was his immediate response. Then a few minutes later..."and presents too." Excellent, a nice blank slate for me! =)

  2. Kare, that is too adorable! I think our mommy lives must be so different with you and the boys and me and the girls. I was definitely programed for the girly parties. Trying not to live too vicariously through my children is very difficult. :o)

  3. I think Lily would prefer everyone play, maybe kitties with roses - oh, I mean kittens! ; )She does seem so much older than three. Adorable! I love your ideas - can't wait to see pics of what you put together. Fun, fun! You're a great mama!

  4. Thanks, Alisha. :o) I mentally corrected your "kitties" remark and then laughed when you corrected it as well. Too funny! What will I do without that awesome photographer here to capture the moments?!?!

  5. How nice - thanks! = ) Wish I could be there to see Lily enjoy her very own rose party. Joel would just like to be there to enjoy "happy cake" - when I was getting his cake ready for his birthday he started talking about Addie and her happy cake...and her happy presents. Every time we see a "Hello Kitty" he runs over to it and says, "Addie!!" Always makes me smile! = ) Her birthday made an impression on him. = )

  6. Wow! looks good... love to bake a cake, but this time I'm gonna bake something special for my kid that have like a rainbow color cake when he turns into 5 year old this coming July... :-)

  7. I really like the rainbow cake, too! Oh the anticipation of slicing into it for the first piece may be too much for me to bear. We shall see!

  8. Look so great... I love the rainbow cake... This coming December, I'm gonna buy this kind of cake for my birthday