Wednesday, April 20

The Mister Post

The mister has been off somewhere in Afghanistan for the past couple days, doing something, with some people. As you can see, the details are pretty sketchy. He did manage to send me some picks from his most resent departure from the internet world. I LOVE when I get to see his photos. I think the area he has really grown in his photography is in the editorial aspect. His photos tell stories all by themselves. I am a beaming ball of happy sharing some of his shots. 

The mister was telling me they had dog squads over there that search out land mines. Is that right, mister? 

The landscape over there is so diverse and beautiful! Just amazing!

Love him! Hurry, hurry, hurry home!


  1. Roxanne GreeneApril 20, 2011

    Sweet pictures Lydia. Thank you for sharing! I bet you can't wait til he comes home!

  2. Wow. The pictures are amazing. You're right. He captures a story.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love reading/watching your blog. I'm praying for you - amazing how God is carrying you through this time in such an amazing way.

  4. jen vanderBekenApril 22, 2011

    Exceeeeedingly impressive!

  5. Be Safe Stephen and thank for severing