Monday, April 25

Easter Egg Hunt

This year we ventured to the community Easter Egg Hunt at Jennings Park. Overall, the parking may not have been worth it. BUT, the girls had a blast with their friends, and I had some good times with a sweet gal pal.  

Since they were limited to keeping only nine eggs each, and since each egg only contained one little candy, I let them feast on the sugar as much as they wanted. But once home, I was confronted with the prospect of another egg hunt the following day (cringe) and even more candy. My girls don't get much candy, so when given free reign, there really is no pause button (I don't blame them. I don't have one either when it comes to chocolate anything). I am still not sure how to handle this dilemma. 

This year, after the second hunt on Sunday, I had them empty all their goodies into a community bowl and they were allowed to pick out only a couple pieces. And we now begin the weening down of the candy bowl. At this point, I can still sneak some candy out little by little during nap times, and stash it away for a rainy day. I wonder how many years of that I have left. 

What do you guys do to prevent sugar overload and also teach moderation? Or is it no hands barred when it comes to holiday candy? 


  1. We also do a community pool. The first few days afterwards they will remind me that they get two pieces a day, but then after a week or so it is forgotten about and then we stick it out in our garage for when we have company come over. If they get a chocolate bunny, it goes in the freezer, that way if they want a piece, they only get shavings of it because it is hard to cut.

  2. That is such a great idea about the chocolate bunny! Two pieces a day, huh? I will give it a go. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Same deal here...I don't usually even buy candy b/c they get it from other sources. They get a piece after lunch and a piece after dinner. At this point, only Olivia notices how much is left in the community bowl, but I try to whittle it down quite quickly (ie:'s just so much sugar! who needs that much sugar??). AND, tomorrow is a no candy day at this house. WHOWEE those girls were a little devilish today! LOL!

  4. after growing up in a candyless household, what we have still seems like candy chaos to me, but I do like it. :) skh is the moderator of all things candy and there are no set rules - the kids just know that he will randomly, frequently bless them with sweet treats as he sees fit. it's loosely linked to attitude and obedience...and finishing meals. oh, we also like passing candy down the pew about halfway through sermons...we like the association of sweetness with worship and the wide eyed anticipation when my hand goes into my purse. :)

    did you read about the cousin candy feast awhile back on femina? it was great.