Thursday, April 28

Bird in the Nest=Best Breakfast Ever!

Shortly after marrying the mister, his best bud, Aaron, taught me how to make Bird in the Nest. I don't remember how or why he would teach me this, but it quickly became my favorite breakfast. I have no idea if others out there are aware of this wonder, but now you can experience the perfection all on your own!

I use a biscuit cutter the cut out the middle of the bread. You can go ahead and grill those pieces too, and then slather them with honey. Totally Yummers!

One flip, and there you have it! Lily loves it because of the name. Addie loves it because I use the pizza cutter to cut her's into tiny squares! Perfecto~


  1. I left a comment last night but apparently blogger ate it...

    Anyway, we call that Toad in a Hole! It is definitely one of my favorite breakfasts too!

  2. We love these at our house too! My favorite part is eating the toast from the hole...b/c it's all buttery & grilled and oh so good! Great pics...loving your blog ;o)

  3. Toad in the Hole!!! How cute!

    Thanks, Deb! I love you coffee diva FB page! I got my freebee target bag the day you did! :o)

  4. I love these, too! I usually use a large heart shaped cookie cutter for Ella and me.