Tuesday, March 1

Well, Look at You!


  1. The Sink

    drip drip drip
    dish splash dish
    scrub wash scrub
    dry dry dry
    drain drain drain
    american idol

  2. oooohhhhh Shiny!

    beautiful faucet
    shiny and new
    if you look closely
    a reflection of you

    young daughter happy
    to peer at the prize!
    and now the leaky faucet
    won't spray her eyes!

    the coffee is safe
    but harder to clean
    'cause now you have to take the water to it,
    know what I mean?

    a beautiful picture
    with off-centered clock
    you may now have the nicest faucet
    on the whole block!


  3. Is my clock off center?!?!

  4. Oh, and I never knew two such manly men to be such dainty poets. Thank you both for serenading my facets so well.

  5. actually, the sink looks to be a bit left of center in the first picture.

    I assume you meant we are serenading your FAUCETS so well...

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Indeed. But I am still going to leave that comment up.

  7. I was thinking that someone from Boston or the greater New England area would probably wonder why this is even a topic of conversation. Facets and faucets are all pronounced the same up there!

  8. love your faucet!!! and the poems. :) and yes, your sink is off center! aaaah! don't look at it. our cooktop is off center too. it drives me insane, but only when i'm thinking about it. :) so just don't think or look. i love your blog.