Monday, March 7

So Ready for Farmer's Market Season!

After stopping by the Everett Library, which is always a spiffy treat for the girls (giant fish tank, need we say more?), we stopped in at the QFC on the way home. Picked up a lovely salmon fillet for dinner tonight, and then I just couldn't resist some of their beautiful produce. There is something so uplifting about fresh carrots, still with a little dirt on them (you mean they actually come from the ground?) and they had just pulled the bread out of the oven an bagged them right then when I passed through! What luck! It smelled sooo delicious. 

I am ready for sunshiny days, and warm breezes, AND ESPECIALLY FARMER'S MARKETS! I almost talked myself into driving down to Seattle this morning, just to by some fresh produce, but that would have been a pretty expensive grocery shopping trip, once you count the gas and all the things that would have tempted me (See me standing at the booths, rationalizing, "But I came all this way, surely this is a needed commodity in my pantry. Uh huh.) Anyway, I resisted, and the QFC filled in for us. 

We came home and the girls promptly started digging in the dirt with their plastic spades while I put some sandwiches together and brought a blanket outside for our little picnic on the lawn. It has been a rough few days, mostly me wallowing in self-pity, and after a sweet talk with the mister on the phone this morning (You heard me! A phone call! Yes!), and some sweet communion this morning with the Lord, before the girls got up (I've got nothin on Moses and those complaining Israelites. I'll keep my two tiny complainers, thank you very much), I have my head back on straight. Thank you God, for a nice day to lift my spirits and point my eyes upward. 

On the way home from the store, Lily and I were talking about the clouds and how fun it would be to live up there. She said, "Mommy, I want to live where I can see God's eyes. That would be beautiful!" Amen! Heaven is coming! Going to keep my eyes looking up, too! 

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