Wednesday, March 23

Photos of the Day

Addie was Lily's baby and this was her crib. The water battle was the baby bottle. 

Lily at the Jennings Park, totally zoning. It was like the sunshine was too much for her to take in. 


  1. she looks like a little model!

  2. hahaha, when i was sick with hallie, maggie and calvin would bring out laundry baskets and lay in them pretending to be sick and then pretend to throw up out the side of them. it was very funny.

    and lily really does look lovely.

  3. Thanks girls! Mo: Addie and Lily both love the laundry baskets. I can see why, they can be most anything. Lately, Lily has made them into her boats and if she gets out of one, she has to "swim" to dry land, such as a couch or the kitchen. It is lovely. I get a nice little reminder of how clean my floors are as I gaze at her belly.

    As I told Bekah, I am fazing out of FB and so am going to be putting more pics here of the girls for the mister. Trying to post on them every other day. We will see if I can be consistent...