Friday, March 25

Paper Zone Love

Went to Paper Zone last week to help a friend pick out some paper for wedding invites. As she was narrowing down her choices, I started perusing, with no intentions of buying anything. But then they I spotted them, these fun little canvas-type-poster-thingy-mabobers. I asked the lady at the counter what they were used for. She had no idea. Which made me laugh. They had some really cute prints, so I grab a couple for Addie's room, which greatly lacked anything on the wall. 
Hooray for a sweet five dollar purchase!

The alphabet canvas has some beautiful vintage drawings for each letter. Lily really liked it, too. It help fill out the toy nook that hides around the corner. 

I am considering painting the frame a deep red, any thoughts? I guess I stumbled on to a bird-themed room. It all started when my Beth gave us this totally cool branch with little birdies and butterflies (see below). Then Addie needed a night stand and the mister had made this lovely stump-on-wheels stool that goes with the whole nature outdoorsy theme. And now the bird poster. I'm glad to finally have some direction in this room. It has been so mishmashy for so long. 

I am so thankful Adelaide has adjusted so well to being in her own room. She loves it in here. I keep wondering what her own style will be as she gets older. I wonder if it is hard to let go and start letting the girls do their own shopping and decorating. Oh my, that was quite a flash-forward! But, since my baby is now four and my other baby is out of diapers and talking up a storm, I will assume high school is right around the next bend. Hurry home, love. 
The girls are growing much too fast. 


  1. Actually, now that I am looking at the pictures, I think i nice green might work well on that frame...wonder if I have any in the shed?

  2. I love your prints! Especially the alphabet one. Too awesome. I don't think red is it for the frame because it's too close to the red bedding. I'm not sure about the green (can't tell) but from just the pics I think a dark blue could be really pretty, or a light one that you put a glaze on (to mute it). What do you think? I can't see the colors of the birds very well through the frame to know for sure, though. Man, I miss you!