Tuesday, March 1

Organization Bug

I don't know how it happened. I am not a neat freak, nor do I get a thrill from organizing things. The mister loves to organize, and I love to drink coffee while I watch him organize. Something has happened over the last week, that inspired me to change my modus operandi and start organizing. It started with the craft closet. The scariest place in the house. I wish, oh I wish, I had taken a before picture. The doors were just barely closing before this bad boy got an overhaul. I use this closet every day with the girls, and so it gets distressed easily.

The next stop, I moved to my closet. Since we have an open closet, I tend to keep this area fairly well put together, but things started getting moved and scrunched and pushed into places that they darn well shouldn't be! So I went all kung fu, and chopped away at my clothes, pairing down to what I am actually wearing. I also, went ahead and organized by color as best I could. Finally, I rummaged through my mom's closet (shhhh!) and stole a couple of my grandmother's old suitcases for some extra storage. I put some purses and computer bags in there, lest you were wondering.

Finally, I hit the living room bookshelf. This built-in has had so many different displays. Some I would love to forget. Hence, no before pictures. I jumped on board the color coordinated book display thing, and rather like it! Especially with the yellow-green background. This was the most fun. It is always good to reconnect with your books and take assessment of what you own. I pulled a couple off the shelf, having forgotten all about them, and transplanted them onto my nightstand, where they will probably sit for several months, untouched and then returned to the shelf. But, at least I am making and attempt to read more.

There you have it. Proof that people really can change.


  1. We are both similar in that we collect messes until it is unbearable then we go on cleaning streaks and this is where we diverge...

    I go on a massive cleaning binge sweeping from ceiling to floor emptying every bin and container and shelf, throwing away trash and putting everything back perfectly neat.

    You destroy all of the spots I have found for stuff, shuffle it around and somehow make mundane things like closets and bookshelves come alive with style and color.

    You amaze me.

  2. Babe, time and again, you shower me with love. I love YOU so much. Thanks for supporting me and just caring about all my silly house stuff. You make me feel like I am doing an important job here, and that is very rewarding. Thank you, sweet man.