Thursday, March 31

Living Three Feet Tall


  Being a relatively new parent, I still remember getting down on the floor with my new baby and seeing for the first time the hidden world that exists literally under our noses...down there...on the floor. I remember being grossed out by the gunk under my kitchen cabinets, and started to notice how dirty the floor was. 
Well, both girls are walking now, so I am not WAY down there nearly as much (thankfully, I have gotten back to being ignorant of all those terrifying hidden worlds in my home). So, when I sat down last night and downloaded these pictures off my camera, I had a sweet little surprise. I spoke about my budding photographer before, well she strikes again! Her photos, albeit very blurry, are a sweet reminder of what being 3 feet tall is really like. 

Oh yeah, those counters are kind of tall! Do you remember having to stretch up on your tippy toes to reach things on the kitchen counter?

This is called Modern Art. 

These next two toy pictures kind of creep me out. I am not sure why, but they certainly do. It is like those Raggedy Ann books, where all the toys come to life when you leave. Those stories also creep me out!

Hello, scary Sunshine Bear. Stop smiling at me!!!!

So, this is how Addie looks at you when I am not around, huh? 

Again, with the feet! Hickok!

Will have to teach the kid how to focus the camera one of these days.

I still have some pretty vivid memories of being three and four. I remember hiding under the kitchen table and scurrying between grown-up legs. I remember wishing I was big enough to open the fridge by myself. I remember laying down like the cat in front of said fridge because there was warm air coming from the black vent. I remember swimming in my dad's huge white undershirt, that always smelled if his deodorant, even if it just came out of the dryer. Being a kid is so fun in many ways. I keep reminding myself not to squash it for my girls. To let them experience things for the first time and give them chances to learn and explore and make memories and get messy. My mom was really good at that. 


  1. Lily is about the same age that Hannah was when she got to wear Curtis' undershirt for the first time!! She was super excited! When Steve gets home, have her wear one of his, start those memories now! It is so much fun!

  2. You are such a great mommy!!!

  3. sometime remind me to show you the pictures mags took of patti frisk and myself shopping at christianson's is truly amazing what her view of the world was!!

  4. Oh, Gale, that sounds like a good viewing. I will for sure ask you about that one next time I am in your neighborhood. I specifically didn't post any of the pics she took of me standing up. Not the most flattering angle, ever.