Saturday, March 26

It's a Walk In the Park

These gorgeous days have really gotten me pumped about being outside with the girls. On Tuesday I took a blanket outside and we lounged all day in the yard. My face actually got some sun! Yesterday and the day before, we walked to Jennings Park and the other community park near our house. Days like this make me miss my mister and Beth, since both were always up for a good walk (Mister, remember the walk to Fred Meyers which took us hours after taking the "short cut"?). 

Lily finally got the idea of how to swing on her tummy! Addie is to be thanked, she is a great teacher. I think I spent a third of my life from years 3-6 doing this. I wouldn't even swing half the time, just twirl around and stare at the ground. Glad Lily is catching on. 

Lily, my budding photographer, (when I call her a photographer, she always corrects me and says, "MOMMA! I am a little girl! Not a Fotgrafer!") loves to take photos for daddy. Here are her best two shots. Literally. But, I think there is some nice composition. If I knew ANYTHING about photography I would throw in some techy terms here, but we will leave it at that for now. 

And in the grand tradition of being one of mister's children, she always takes a picture of her feet. Always. She is her father's daughter. I have many a picture of the mister's tootsies. Someday I will have to make a coffee table book of just feet. What do you think, mister? That could be our new niche!

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