Wednesday, March 23

Future Architect, Maybe?

I already shared this with the mister, but it is too amazing to me not to share here. Remember that the child is not yet four years old (granted, my amazement is loosely based on pictures of my block building when I was this age). The oldest called me into the hallway last week to see her city. Here is the exchange that followed:

L: Do you know what this is?

Me: A city?

L: What city?

Me: tell me.

L: This is Beflehem where Jesus lives.

Me: Really, I can totally see that. What is the long part sticking out from the city?

L: That is the road that Mary and Joseph took. And these blue parts are the gates to the city, that they went through.

Me: (Silent for a long time, because I am so amazed.) Way to go, kiddo! That is Awesome!

Insert Little-Mommy-Happy-Moment.

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  1. Wow. Nice symmetry! Block building over here consists of either towers straight up or highways of roads for the cars to drive on. Nothing even close to elaborate! I love that she had such a good story to go with it too. =)