Saturday, February 5

Mom's New Apartment!

So, it has been a long time coming, a little over a year, in fact, that my sweet, patient mother has been waiting for her apartment to be finished. Well, that not here, yet. But, it is getting really close. Here are pictures of the progress up to today.

The wall below was just put in today and will be painted white as well at the built in bookshelf on the other side of the stairs. I think we will have to find some nice art to hang on that cute little wall.

Notice the trim around the entrance into the kitchen. You can also see that all the mill work is completed in the bedroom (doors, baseboards and crown molding).

Below is the skylight that Dave trimmed in for us. Love it! He also framed in the other two skylights, but I didn't post those pictures. You will just have to use your imagination. Or don't use your imagination, it looks exactly like that one. Exactly. Don't hurt yourself.

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