Saturday, February 26

As I was looking through some blogs this morning, I was totally inspired by a project. One that I think the mister could get excited about, too. The dinning room pictured below is lovely for many reasons. The really cool DIY chandelier and rugged table are both very appealing to me. But back there in the corner, THAT MIRROR! LOVE IT TO PIECES!

That’s actually a DIYed mirror leaning against the wall. The home owners bought mirrored closet doors on Craigslist for $40 for the pair and then found an old weathered pallet, took it apart, and made two mirrors! One in the dinning room and one in their hallway. Can you even believe it! Oh, hold me back, baby! I have already scoured Craigslist looking for some of those mirror doors, without any luck. But that won't keep me from looking. So excited! If I could, I would jump through your computer screen, shake your shoulders and scream how excited I am. It is unnatural. What can I say? I really miss my husband. Sigh.

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