Tuesday, January 11

Oh Snowy Night

It was 11 pm and I had just finished watching a chic flick and was going about the house turning out all the lights and closing all the curtains. As I looked out the window, what should I spy, but beautiful snow falling lightly from the sky.
My first thought, "I wish Stephen were here to enjoy this with me." My very next thought was, "I bet Lily would love it just as much!" So, after going back to the kitchen and pouring her a small glass of orange juice, I crept into her room and carried her out of bed to the living room to watch the snow with me.
We sat there for a couple of minutes before she even realized where we were. It was the juice that finally woke her up. Once awake, we carried on quite a lovely conversation. She asked me if I had ever built a snow man and then brought it inside the house to watch it melt. I asked, why would anyone do that? She replied, "To see what is on the inside." I loved her so much in that moment. I am so grateful I have her and Little Addie. They help fill my heart with joy overflowing in moments when I really miss my Stephen.
We sat there and just stared at the snow. I told her that we were the only ones awake right now, and that makes this moment special, just for us. And then some guy across the street promptly came out of his garage with his trash to put out for the garbage collector. I laughed at my attempt to be poetic. Lily thought it was wonderful! That moment now belonged to her, me, and that other guy.
Well, with the juice all gone, I deposited her back into her comfy bed. My heart was very happy.