Monday, January 31

Adelaide Turns TWO!

This was the scene my two pajamaed girls woke to when they ran into the kitchen Saturday morning. The cake and decorations had been hidden away until this moment so there would be a nice surprise on the big day. Since it was going to be a small family party, I kept to simple details without a lot of fluff.

As you can see, both girls were thrilled about the prospect of consuming cake in the very near future. Every time I turned around their little fingers were sneakily picking of sprinkles and depositing them into their happy mouths. Miss Sprinkle Cake (as we named her) had to be moved to and undisclosed location until party to time; this was for her own good, of course.

Once Auntie, uncle and cousins arrived, we dove right in. A modest spread, just enough to hold everyone over until cake time. Who wants to fill up on carrots, when there is sprinkle cake?

Admittedly, this is a horribly depressing looking picture of the Hickok women. But, there is no one to blame (unless you count Auntie, who was holding the camera and was therefore the one in charge of getting one solid shot of lit candles). Oh well. It really was fun. Tons of fun! Really! I promise, we had a blast all day long. There was definitely some sugar highs and lows, but coincidentally, the lows kicked in right around nap time, and then again around room time, and finally around early bed time. It was a great day.

Update: Alisha emailed me this photo she took from the party! Hooray, the day is saved! I love Adelaide's intent gaze at the candles.

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  1. I'm going to quit my job and become a stay at home dad. You have amazing talents for designing and coordinating pretty much any type of special occassion. Great job.

    Happy Birthday Addie. You are an incredible little girl.