Monday, January 24

Addie's Birthday Party

With Addie's party only a few days away, I am starting to get excited about pulling all the trimmings together. I decided to find a cake design that I liked first and work off of that. I found this one from a really awesome blog called Sprinkle Bakes. The mister actually tipped me off to this blog when he saw this photo of flaming strawberry cupcakes (which I have committed to making at our totally rad New Year's Eve Party next year. Yes, Beth, you are and your hubby are expected to be there.). Anyway, back to the cake. I love the simplicity of this cake while also being totally unexpected and colorful. And, of course, I had to find that candle! I looked and looked, and finally found some similar ones at Party City for really cheap.

Since the cake is so colorful and without a real color theme, I just picked colors that I thought reflected Addie. I am not into color psychology, but I can tell you how colors make me feel. Totally subjective, but since I am the mother, I make those kind of calls. So, I thought Addie was in the yellow, red, and pink family. Yellow, because she chalked full of nonstop energy, like the sun. (Ok, so that was a little corny, but I could have said it was because she was the light of my life. So, be happy for what you got. ) Red is for her fiery, and sometimes terrifying personality. And Pink, because she is also very delicate and feminine. This especially comes out when she is wearing her tiara and playing dress-up with tutus and heels. I picked up some huge yellow pom-poms and some smaller paper starbursts to dangle from above the dinning table. I liked the feel in both of these pictures and will attempt to combine them for Addie's special day.

Since it is just a family party, with Grandma, Auntie and Uncle, and a couple of bigger cousins, we aren't going to make it all too complicated. A little Ring-Around-The-Rosie, a little Duck, Duck, Goose, and we will call it good. I will post the pictures of the actually event next week. Wish the two people who read this blog could be there. You will be missed. Love you!


  1. Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
    I will be there inside my heart
    and you will feel the warmth of my love through the night
    You will look for me and will not see
    But you will know I am there
    I will be there inside your heart
    Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy Joy
    (sing to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner)

  2. I can't believe I actually tried to sing that to the SSB! Love you, babe.