Tuesday, January 25

Addie is Two!!!

Here is a little photo timeline of Addie for the past two years. At this time two years ago my water had just broken and Stephen was trying to find someone to give him a ride back to the house, since he chose to ride his bike into work. After a quick midwife check-up, we were off to lunch with Beth n'Bill, Strawberry Cafe. By the time we finished, my labor had kicked up a couple notches. Addie was born an hour and half later. She was only two big pushes. A beautiful day. All our dear friends and family there to share in our joy.

Addie, you make your Daddy and I so happy and proud. You really are a beautiful, vibrant soul. We pray for your salvation and that the Lord would use your life in a mighty way for His glory. We love you forever and always.

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  1. What a sweetie! So happy that God has brought her into our lives as well. Happy Birthday Addie!!