Wednesday, December 29

When all is quiet in the house, something must be amiss...

Oh, the stories this face could tell! I spent the last twenty minutes catching up with my good friend, Beth, about all the Christmas festivities. At some point in our conversation I heard the girls happily chatting and playing in one of the back bedrooms. Determined not to assume the worst (I mean, they could have miraculously, and spontaneously learned that playing together is way more fun!), I walked back into the guest room to find this lovely smiling face. My heart lifted. And then I saw the bed.

All the "no-touch" books and records are strewn on the bed. "Look, Momma! We made kitty tents!" the eldest exclaimed. Addie also spoke, but was less understandable. Why is it that they bond over sin?!!! As long as they are doing something bad together, they are thick as thieves! Unbelievable.

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