Thursday, December 30

Pre-Ballet Excitement!

Next week Lily begins her first little dance class. The anticipation is driving her crazy! I think it is more exciting than Christmas! She flails and prances, marches and break-dances to her very own beat. I think of her as a modern jazz dancer. Her movements are hard to pin down and her rhythm is sometimes contrary to the music, which is very difficult to do, so I've heard. I am please to say she shows all the signs of having her mother's rhythm.

She loves to dance to most kinds of music, her preference is classical since that is what she associates with ballet. It all started with Angelina Ballerina, a British cartoon about a dancing mouseling. Adorable! Love this little girl. She is going to be a heart breaker, right Daddy? She wants to do a special dance for her daddy and we are going to work on her routine after nap time!

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