Sunday, December 5

Christmas Dresses

Here is my feeble attempt to capture the girls in their Christmas dresses this year. As I examine them, I can the see the little woman Lily is going to be. Her eyes are watching and steady. She still loves books, coloring, and cartoons (especially Angelina Ballerina). I don't think a day has gone by since we got back to Washington that she hasn't asked if she can go to a ballet class. Kind of comical to me, being an Amazon Woman at 6' tall with about as much grace or rhythm an an epileptic turtle. Hopefully she will surpass her mother in this area.

The girls together are quite a pair. Lily watches Adelaide to see how she is able to gain so much attention without trying. I don't think she realizes that most of the attention Addie has received lately looks a lot like reminders to obey. But the funny part is, Adelaide in turn watches Lily constantly and copies her incessantly. Quite adorable at the dinner table: both girls trying to touch their tongues to their noses while stirring their juice with their spoons. It is funny in that moment right before the juice spills and rushes from both cups towards my pants. Not a surprise, I'm actually used to it. That is the sad point.

Adelaide is not quiet at all. She talks to every person within 20 feet. She also carries on conversations with cars, houses, and other sorts of non-living things, fully expecting them all to smile and wave goodbye to her. Right now, she is teaching me about her strength of will. I am teaching her that beef stew is still good over the course of three days. At some point she will give up and just finish her bowl. Stew for breakfast, stew for lunch, and stew for dinner. This is one battle I will win! But she is a most worthy adversary, with her blue eyes and blonde curls, begging for reprieve. Just eat the soup, child! But, what negative can I say for the girl that melts my heart with her snuggles and giggles.

Both girls are so different. They both bring me so many laughs, tears, shouts, and songs everyday. I thought it was going to be really hard having two girls on my own. But I think I am realizing that I am so glad for them both. With the mister gone, I hug them more, play with them more, and cherish them more. Their tiny bodies make it not so lonely here.

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