Tuesday, November 23

The New Kitchen Table!

So, last night after trying to find something, anything, worth watching on the computer (fail), I decided to do something more profitable. I sanded and primed our new kitchen table. Not too shabby for a night's work. I am officially in love Behr's new primer that claims to stick to everything. It worked wonders on my table. I was able to put on two coats of primer before heading to bed, properly tired out.

This afternoon during the girl's nap time, I put on two coats of the paint. Hooray! I love the deep grey color. Really, I like it a lot. I admired it almost all evening long. Notice the distinct lack of chairs on one side of the new awesome table. Our current chairs look a little dowdy next to this sophisticated seating area. Oh well.

Lily wanted to help paint so badly, that I let her paint some pictures in the living room. She is getting better and better in her artistic abilities. She really has a great amount of patience. Adelaide joined her when she got up from her nap. She displayed less patience, but more stealth as she sneakily dunked her brush repeatedly into Lily's paint. You can only imagine the struggles that ensued once Lily caught on to her game. Alas. I was done painting anyway.

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