Monday, November 22

Snow! I can't believe it!

Amazing Day. While watching the first snow fall this morning I made hot cocoa for the girls (I kept to my usually coffee) and then popped some pop corn on the stove. Lily and I are going to start stringing it for the Christmas tree we want to chop down this weekend. She is so excited for Christmas this year. We talked about what it really means and how we can celebrate Christ's birth and make it a special day for Him. All this snow is really putting me in the mood for Christmas early.

I realized that I do not like playing in the snow nearly as much as I used to. Seriously, I wanted no part in the snow angeling, snow ball throwing, or cross-country snow shoeing in our driveway. But I did it, and enjoyed the pure joy radiating from Lily. I remember that feeling about snow.

I learned today that I talk way too much and over think almost everything. I can be such dork! But, everyone has dork moments everyday, so there it is. On the upside, I really got to enjoy the girls, really just enjoy being their momma. The snuggles, kisses, giggles, and even the bites burrow these girls even deeper into my heart and affections. Missing Daddy every moment. Love sent out to you, Stephen. Goodnight.

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