Wednesday, November 17

Rain, rain, here to stay!

I really like rain. I like how I feel when it's raining. Like, when I look out the window and see the wet pavement and the brooding sky, I feel like it is ok to just be me! No make-up, workout clothes adorned instead of those cute uncomfy jeans, and making quick work of my, could it really be, THIRD cup of coffee today? What the What! I finally checked out a few books at the library that were just for me! Woot! So this afternoon, the previous conditions in place, quiet in the house, I curled up on the couch with a book. I honestly do not remember the last time that happened. I don't think it has occurred in this house, at least.

It actually has not stopped raining since the mister vacated the premisses. He informed me while walking to the beach, that the weather there is lovely. California should be. Just as Washington should be rainy. It just fits. I thought today that it might rain the whole time the mister is gone. BUT, I concluded that was probably not the case. Good thing, too...since it would get old wiping off the race car carts every time I go to the grocery store. There is a lot of area to cover on those carts.

Earlier today, while the second child was sleeping, I had quite a conversation with my firstborn. She was cracking me up, so I pulled out the camera to see if the dialogue would continue whilst the camera was rolling. She rarely disappoints. I tried uploading it here, but it took too long. Boo! So here is a cute picture of eating cake instead.

Looking forward to bed time. The girls are dutifully bathing and making a nice puddle on the bathroom floor, all under the observation of a most faithful Ma (Addie's new name for the grandmother). I love my girls with every part of me. This is a good thing.

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