Tuesday, November 2

Last Day in San Diego

Two weeks of beaches, shopping, chasing girls, taking pictures, swimming, and relaxing has finally come to an end. Tomorrow, the girls and I head off to the airport to fly to Wisconsin. We are going to visit my dear friend, Beth, and Lily's dear friend, Ella. I can't tell you how excited we both are!

There was only one thing that could put a damper on our excitement. I came down with some freaky intense illness yesterday! Disaster! But, I think I am finally on the mend today, just in time for the flight. Monday night I was assaulted by fevers, chills, and totally body aches! Yuck! I praise the Lord that I got sick before the flight. This morning I was actually considering trying to move my flight back a day, which sounds very daunting. But the thought of flying with two toddlers while being that sick was even more daunting. Either way, I am now feeling hopeful. Hooray!

I think I am looking forward to Beth's coffee the most, that and the girl talk while sipping Beth's coffee. She makes it just the way I like it, not too sweet, and not too creamy. I first started drinking her coffee when we lived a couple of blocks away from her and Bill, after first moving to Washington. That first year there we had so many late nights in their living room drinking coffee, and eating popcorn, ice cream, or cold cereal. I miss my friend now that she moved back to Wisconsin, but who would have imagined that I would get to visit her so soon?

While thrilled to see her again, sadly, I leave my husband behind in sunny San Diego for another couple of weeks. He is doing some training before he heads back home. I will miss you, my love. I can say that, since you are the only one who reads this blog. You give me so much joy and you are my very best friend. Stay busy while you're here. I will be counting down the days till we are back in our home. I have been missing our home (our third child) and can't wait to start on some other project, raised beds or maybe the laundry room? Maybe after all this vacation time we will be energized to start working on stuff again. Hmmm...maybe. Love you.

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