Friday, November 12

A Few Days, with a Great Friend!

After two weeks in sunny California, where should we head but nordic northern Wisconsin! Brrrr! I spent the week wearing jeans and Bill's columbia jacket to keep warm! This was my first visit to Beth's new home, and it was a delight! She has made quite the lovely space for her family to live.
The girls were ever as of friends and wrost of enemies. But Beth was probably right, Ella wanted to be the best of friends, while Lily often just wanted Ella to be best buds from a distance equal to the length of any room they happened to occupy. Let's examine the following picture:
Lily is holding the baby doll, probably trying to keep it away from Ella. Also noteworthy, the doll is something this firstborn can completely control. Now study Ella, squeezing Lily with all the might she can muster. Nough said.

Besides the little or big tiff every once in an hour, we had an awesome time. It was so good to see Beth. Here are some things I learned from her:

1. Always have more projects lined up than you could possibly finish, so that you miss your man as little as possible.

2. Books on CD are now officially invaluable.

3. When the child says she has to throw up, she means it. Stop everything and run to the nearest toilet.

4. Meals can be simple AND delicious. It is about nurishing the body, not fluffing up a fancy meal that may use up more time than it's worth.

5. Good company makes anything bearable.

6. Making new friends is hard, but being willing to do the inviting is half the battle.

7. Crafts don't have to be a big ordeal. Sometimes, just a washcloth and some starchy packing peanuts will do the trick. Also, artistic skills do not equal crafting skills. Beth makes a mean felt flower!

8. There really is such a thing as a "can do" attitude. Beth does this so well. Things that would have me worrying for days (i.e. driving 4 hours in one morning with sick children in one truck) were not agonizing for her at all.

9. Coffee does just taste better at your friends house.

10. Having a friend like Beth is a once in a life time thing. Girls like that are not a dime a dozen. I would trade almost anything to have her and the whole family back here in Washington. God is good and His way is perfect, so I know WI is where He wants her, but I will keep on missing her none the less. At least I know I can pick up the phone and call her anytime and it is like she is still in the old house, just ten minutes away. That is what I will pretend anyway.

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