Tuesday, November 30

Christmas Crafting!

There are certain things that are hard to bear since the mister went away. Case in point: Child #2 locking herself in her room and hammering off the doorknob to retrieve her. Another example would be: Child #2 breaking a most precious ornament directly after being told not to ouch them several times. If you need further examples I may add: Child #2 putting on so many clothes on top of each other, so that the outer most garment must be surgically removed with the craft scissors. Child #1 is somewhere in the background doing equally naughty things, but with the experience enough to stay IN THE BACKGROUND!

Alas, this a growing time (said in a very matronly voice). But, above all, the hardest thing to bear in the husband's absence actually has nothing to do with child #2, she is actually sound asleep, which is part of the problem. It is the quiet of the evening which is the hardest. So what is a wifey to do, but CRAFT of course!

It is Christmas time, and there are so many crafty things to do on the cheap. I have taken the liberty of introducing you to some of my more recent crafting ventures. First, we have the book page wreath. I went down to the thrift store and bought a rather old looking dictionary and brought it over to my friend, Leila's, home. She and I were determined to work of our Thanksgiving feast by each building our own wreath. We followed the DIY instructions over at Jones Design Company. I rather like mine. Very proud indeed!

Here is another simple wreath I put together. I don't remember where I saw a picture for this little guy, sorry! I actually used some of the awesome flower pins, my friend Beth and I made while in Wisconsin. I pinned on one my the mister's military medals for a sweet reminder of my best friend.

Second, I attempted to recreate this lovely garland made solely out of coffee filters (white and natural), tissue paper, an old hymnal, and some yarn. A little time consuming, but that is the point of this post, consuming time. Which it did and which I enjoyed. I must add that this one looks SO much better in person!

Third, I made these sweet little Christmas trees out of old catalogues, spray adhesive, and some sparkly glitter (which Child #2 found and poured all over the hallway floor this afternoon). These are so simple to make. Check out the video tutorial from Martha's website!

Finally, my current project (and one I think will have to be completed for next Christmas), the Advent Calendar. I have some things planned for the days: some special verses to read to the girls every day up until Christmas, and also some little treats and projects for them as well. But the Calendar itself will probably not be finished before December 25th makes an appearance.

Since I only accomplished stitching four pockets tonight, I can at least rest in the knowledge that I will have plenty to keep my hands busy over the next couple of weeks! Goodnight, my love. I leave you with a picture of my night stand. It looked kind of pretty to me last night.

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  1. I'm crying reading and wishing I could be there with you! I LOVE the yarn wreath, and what an awesome touch to add not only the flowers but the medal! The bookpage wreath turned out wonderfully! I am so proud of you! What an undertaking to do the advent calendar, too! You are a busy bee! So, what crafts can we plan for January....