Friday, October 29

Things That Make Me Smile

The STRAWS! Want some and quickly! The City Cradle

LaLa Shoes over on Etsy. A little pricey for me, but I would love to try and figure out how to make some of these. I am not sure why I am really liking the idea of making my own shoes, even in my head it sounds crazy.

I think when I finally get home and settle into some sort of routine, I will attack the guest bedroom. I would like to have two twins that can be pushed together for a queen bed when necessary. Wouldn't it be awesome to have the head boards painted such a fun color? Come to think of it, I am pretty sure this is my entry way color, somewhere between the yellow and green world. Besides, the fact that every room in our house is grounded in grey. For some reason, grey is my favorite color lately. Grey walls, grey sweeter, grey tights, (would love some grey boots, but would love not to ask the mister), grey everything.

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