Friday, October 29

Hotel Del Coronado

So this is really going to date me and be rather embarrassing for the shear fact that I did watch this voluntarily. I clearly remember a Baywatch (you heard me!)...a Baywatch episode that was completely shot at the beautiful Hotel Del Coronado. Since then, I have always wanted to investigate this unique piece of American history.

It did not disappoint. The woodworking alone in the foryer and the ancient-as-all-get-out bell hop were enough to satisfy my romanticized idea of this place. Did you know that the servants quarters in the basement have been turned into a shopping center? The restaurants are pricey but totally worth it!

I would love to live here, if I could move my church down from Washington and plant it right on the beach.

We haven't really been anywhere else in San Diego except Coronado. Every time we head out for another adventure, I just keep wanting to head back to their marvelous beaches, excellent shopping, and their apparent lack of bling-bling cars with blaring music. It is altogether loverly, being in downtown Coronado, and walking the sparkling beaches. Hopefully, we will check out the San Diego Zoo tomorrow, and then I can punch my travel card and call it full.

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