Monday, October 25

Bringing Washington to San Diego

Since coming to San Diego about a week ago, I have woken up each morning assuming that today would be the sunny, bright day that California promises to all of its visitors. It rained today. Again. Weather and gloom aside, our vacation as been as vacationy as it gets. Loads of time spent snuggling the girls, playing at the plethora of parks in this naval community, eating way too many snack foods, and just relaxing.

Tomorrow, I am determined to head over to the beach and sink my toes in, what must be, cool sand. I think a blanket and picnic are in order. Must start planning.

The girls have loved every minute being their cousin's groupies, following them around and mimicking their play. Adelaide has doubled her small vocabulary since we have been here. She has included: no-no, all done, thank you, yesh, up, down, and some other repeated sounds that do not yet have a definition. Personally, I will not be impressed until she taps me on the shoulder and proclaims, "I love you, Momma!"

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