Wednesday, October 27

The Beach Again! Hooray!

Finally, the day came where Cali's reputation panned out. It was a breezy summer day inserted into October yesterday. I don't remember the last time that I had as much fun and excitement as I did facing the beautiful white waves. It was thrilling seeing God's ginormous ocean rising up and planting itself at our feet. Truly astounding.

I couldn't get enough of wading out as far as my guts would allow and letting the tide push me back toward the shore. Child #1 made some valiant attempts to be brave as she waded out with me clinging to my hands. She was a constant mixture of giggles and terrified shrieks. I couldn't help but laugh. Child #2 and I sat in the sandy surf letting the water come up over our legs and tummies and splashed around until the tide went out again. The mister and master builder, made a sandcastle with the girls and buried their legs in the sand.

A perfect day. All slightly toasted and tired on the trip home, I closed my eyes and couldn't think of a place I would rather be. Thank you, God, for your small gifts that remind me of your greatest gift: Salvation through Christ! Get out and see His creation. It will blow you away!

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