Monday, January 23

A Party for Adelaide Rose

Last night the mister and I were chatting about what to do for Addy's big third birthday coming up this weekend. I was really kind of stumped. Parties are kind of my thing, at least I think they are my thing. At least I really like putting them on. Ok, I love planning little birthday parties. I love doing something for the birthday girl that really makes her feel special. Of course, cake and gifts accomplishes that all on their own. But I like for the day to be memorable. 

Lily still talks about her giant red balloons from her last party. For Lily's third birthday we decked out the kitchen with orange and pink and hung a giant birthday banner in our living room. Lily remembers opening her gifts on the back porch and that it was too cold to stay out for long. She remembers sitting with Ella eating cupcakes. And, she remember the giant container of pink lemonade. 

Now it is Addy's turn. We were sitting there talking about the things Addy loves. Painting...scissors...swings...tents... Tents! The girls loves when we pull out the pop-up tent in her room. She and Lily fill it with everything in sight and then crowd in and giggle and argue and hide and sprawl. With the new apartment and still being in the tradition stages (no dining room table for a nice b-day spread), we thought pitching a tent in the living room might be just the thing! Maybe even picnic in there, the whole family. 

Below are some of the images that are helping me connect some simple picnic ideas that could transfer to a small apartment. 

via cakies
Heading to the fabric store today for the tent fabric. Something with purple in it, her favorite color. I think we will make it much taller so we can all fit inside. 

Some sweet heart garland made from paint swatches! Would be perfect, since Lily is just starting to sew with a needle and thread. She could be in charge of this project.

via etsy
Like the topper on this cake a lot, but may go with some heart lollipops instead. Valentines stuff is all over here right now and it would be simple to put some height on the cake with huge red hearts. 

I like how simple and clean and non-fussy this food display is. We do have a little kitchen bar area I could use to display the food. 

So, with a little less than a week to put this together, I have some work to do! Are you guys planning any parties lately? Any cool themes you want to do in the future?


  1. Grandpa DougJanuary 23, 2012

    Happy birthday addy
    From Grandpa Doug

  2. Love the party ideas! Wish I could skip over and help! The paint chips idea is great - what do you do with all those that accumulate... perfect! <3 lollipops serve double purpose - height and edible toppers! You do plan an awesome shindig !!
    Happy Birthday Addy! Love you ! Enjoy year #3!!

    1. Thanks friend! Just hung up some of my clipboards in the apartment hallway. It is starting to feel like home. Will take many pics to share with you!!!

    2. I will be anxiously awaiting the pics! So glad it is starting to feel like home. When I see the photos I can begin to accurately picture you moving through your week :) Excited for ther party and the daily stuff too ! Hugs!!