Sunday, May 22

Happy 4th Birthday Lily Sophia!

Here she is, my amazing Lily Girl. We had an absolutely wonderful party with lots of little girls running about the house. I was glad for all the prep the day before, even though it was moved inside in the morning. Even so, my sweet Lily felt really celebrated and was smiling the whole day. She had six little girls, including her sissy, come on over for the celebration. I, personally, had a blast. The momma's who accompanied the little ladies were so sweet and helpful (I didn't even do dishes afterwards! Thanks Carol!). 
So, as promised, here is the rundown of our shindig. 


I made a couple of adjustments to the menu, the rye bread was ousted, and I added some Rice Crispy Pops for both the activity and the favor to take home (more on that further down).

I loved using these fun green glass containers the mister gave me last summer. They fit the bill perfectly! Adelaide really enjoyed sipping (er, gulping at breath-taking speeds) her lemonade. Even though it was indoors, I loved how everything turned out. 


So, you may remember how much I loved this picture from a previous post. The idea was that each ballon would be tied to the picnic benches outside. So, I thought, the sky is literally the limit, as far as the balloons. I did my one splurge for the party and got these enormous 3-foot-wide red balloons from Party City. How I got them home is a hilarious story for another day (it involves awkward moments with strangers). I literally had to squeeze them through the doorways to get them inside the house. They were a hit and each kiddo got to take one home with them (sorry mommies! Did I mention I got the high float helium, so they will be lasting about three weeks? I forgot to mention that one? Sorry! :o)). 

I used the patio seat cushions and some throw pillows for the seating. Once again, the mister's amazing coffee table saves the day! Plenty of room for everyone!

So pretty! I had the Crispy Pops and the sprinkles for decorating all set out on the table beforehand, for smooth transitions. Plus, they added to the excitement for the kids, having to wait to decorate them!


I laid out some wax paper before we began, this made it easy for the kiddos to set their pops down to dry. A little swoosh in the chocolate sauce (thanks Bekah for saving my hide with your amazing chocolate skilz!), and a little dip-dip in the sprinkles, and they were done! This was a total hit! I highly recommend this activity!

I take my pops very seriously.

They were each allowed to eat one there and the rest we covered in foil and sent home with the little ladies. 




The Rose Cake before..

and after:

All in all, a great day. Lily had a great time, and so did I! We should totally do this again, in another year or so. 


  1. Oh, I'm so glad it turned out so well even though it rained! Just so lovely and so fun! Love the pink gingham...oh, and the huge balloons! = )

  2. Looks like you had tons of fun! Sorry I had to miss... Love you girls! Happy Birthday to Lily Sophia!

  3. Happy Birthday Lily! Hopefully you got your gift today. We're SO thankful for you and your sister! You are a blessing to our family!

  4. Thanks All! It was a blast!!
    @ Leila: We did! Thank you! Lily already mailed her thank you out to Merian. We need to get together so the girls can give Merian her gift.

  5. Oh my WORD! WOW! you are amazing. what a beautiful party and what great pics you took. you're SO talented. Happy belated Birthday Lily!

  6. Joyce CecsariniMay 24, 2011

    Love the balloons-------Where did you get them?

  7. Joyce, from Party City. They we $3.50 each. A lot of fun, especially if you can be outside!

  8. Joyce CecsariniMay 24, 2011

    I am working on Janelle's grad. and those would be fun to use.

  9. So cute!!!! Love! And now everyone is going to want giant balloons.

  10. I have three in my living room. You are welcome to come get one or more! PLEASE! Haha!