Sunday, March 27

Look What I Found!

     As I was looking for some ancient sound cues stored somewhere in unearthed files, I stumbled on a file called, "Names We Like." It was dated a few weeks after we found out we were pregnant with Lily, our first born. I was good and didn't delete any of the names on the list, as embarrassing as some of them were. It made me laugh as I looked through them.  Here they are:

Duke Wellington 

(Can you believe that last one? I am sure the mister 
put that on the list while I was away from the computer.)

     Looking at the names, Lily must have just come out of nowhere. I remember thinking we were going to have a Lily or a Jack (just like another family in our church), so Lily must have crept onto this list soon after it was written. But the other names, which at the time I thought were unique (except for Jack, I just liked that one), I now know a lot of kids with these names. I know of a Penny, a Jack, and a William. I know Beth really considered Hazel, too. And then had a boy and named him William Jack! So, that leaves Violet (which the mister never loved, and I am not feeling anymore either) and Elliot and Duke. 

     It reminded me about the "names of my future children" I wrote in my high school journal way back in the nineties. My top contenders for girls names were:

Scarlett, Willow, and Phoenix (gasp!)

and the only boy name I liked was...wait for it...

Jeff. Yep. Jeff. 

     Do you guys remember any of your favorite names for babies from your younger years?

     If we had another girl, I think Margot would be a strong contender. We both like it a lot, but the mister thinks people wouldn't know how to say it right or spell it right. Maybe, but it wouldn't take long for them to figure it out. We really have never agreed on a boy name, so that one would be tricky. Not that I am thinking of having more children. My two keep me plenty busy. Just sayin.


  1. Liam (William, but liked the short)
    Hazel (used on Bo, of course)
    Edwin (There should always be an Ed in the family)

    There were tons,
    Great names, most of 'em. Some cause me to shudder.

  2. Baby names have totally been on my mind for some reason too!

    Here are my current favorites:

    Colbie Jane

    Brenna is the only one that Brian doesn't hate :)

    Clement (my Papa's name)

    Back in the day I liked Gwendolyn.. not really sure what I was thinking on that one. I also liked Sophia and Cheyenne

  3. Robert: I love a lot of your names, too! I agree, we do need an Ed in the family, but I like Edward a teensy bit more. I also like Henry now, and think that would be an acceptable sub for ann Ed.

    Keri: I wonder why you are thinking of Babe Names? Hmmm?
    Of your favs, I vote Quinn for a girl (with Colbie Jane a close second) and I love both boy names. I think I would lean toward Clement just for the family connection and that it is so rare.

  4. Well, back in high school, my favorite girl names were:


    Boy Names:

    I guess I was a trend-setter without knowing it ;). But, Aurora is hard to yell across the yard, and Andy quickly pointed out what "Aspen" could be shortened to - that killed it.

    I really think you need a little Scarlett :)

  5. @Leila, Aspen's nickname, lol.

    I just wanted to say that I still occasionally wonder if Kiki is really a Violet. :)

    I've always, always, always (since I can remember, at least) wanted a Calvin. So had skh. Conveniently.

    Maggie was on my list early too, family name.

    Haddon has been on my list for a long time.

    I used to like Brooklyn (no no no).

    Here's skh's constant suggestion for a boy name. Augmon. AUGMON. What? And, no, not like Stacy.

    I've also always liked Betsy. But not Elizabeth.

  6. I can totally see Kiki as Violet! I wanted a Violet so I could nickname her Vivi (short I sound), but the mister said that didn't make sense. I still think I works, but the man is the man.