Sunday, November 21

Missing the Man

It snowed today and my heart was happy. The kind of quick, rushing happiness that shoots up from your toes until it reaches your head and triggers something else. The snow that made me happy, turned on me. I turned to tell the man how happy I was and remembered he wasn't there. Silly things always get me in the end. But my gusto will win out. Week one is accomplished and I would say victorious.

The fights were few (if we leave out Saturday morning, and we should leave Saturday morning out. That would be nice thing to do.). The girls were charming, irritating, loving, funny, and growing far too fast. The man pointed my nose in the direction of a blog he happened upon. I read it. I am officially encourage to speak calmly, but firmly. Be consistent and not lazy in my love and discipline. I realize I will probably never earn my merit badge on this count, but effort is what is hoped for. Every morning bring a new day with new chances to begin again.

Without any cheesy transition I will just say: with Thanksgiving a few days away I want to list three things I realize I am really thankful for tonight:

1. My Christ who chose me to be His child in spite of what I am and who loves me in spite of my unfaithfulness.

2. My husband, who works hard for his family, sacrifices for us, is never dull or uninteresting, sees life in a way that always surprises me. He is a good man and he loves me!

3. My children, who not only gave these two lovely love handles, but with those gives me smiles and laughter and is used by my Savior to refine and change me into His image. Lily, your sideways glance and your quite boisterousness make my heart happy. Adelaide, you have more energy and stubbornness in your than I know what to do with. But, your snuggles and tickles and bubble up giggles make my heart happy, too. You are both my hope and joy.

Goodnight to my mister. Praying that this week is challenging, because you need some of those days. Praying that you find some other Christian men to fellowship and pray with. Praying that you grow in your walk with Christ. I love you! Goodnight!

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